When buying a new construction home, keep these four tips in mind.

Did you know that the first Realtors were called curbstoners? Initially, they were pretty much hustlers. When a house came up for sale, they would rush over, put a big sign in the yard, and sit on the curb in front of the house all day to usher prospective buyers in for an inspection. The competition was fierce, and sometimes it got ugly. It also limited each Realtor to selling just one house at a time. 

As the profession became more organized and agencies grew, Realtors could take on more listings. Instead of having that 12-hour inspection period, the industry shifted to two- or three-hour open houses. The first record of an open house offering incentives was in 1952, when a Dallas agent offered free Coca-Cola to attendees. He even offered a Cadillac to whoever actually purchased the property!

Hopefully you enjoyed that bit of real estate trivia! The main point of today’s message is actually to share a few tips that those purchasing a new construction home should keep in mind as they adjust to life in their new property:

1. Run your new gas stove for an hour. That will help you avoid having your meals ruined by the strange taste and smell that gas can sometimes produce. There’s a small chance that doing this can set off your smoke alarm, so be prepared to open some doors and windows to air out the house.

“Home inspections can also be good for those who have lived in their homes for years.”
2. Locate your water shut-off valve. In most new homes, the valve is in an easily accessible designated area of the house. There should also be a main cut-off valve outside near your water meter. Don’t wait until you have an issue to locate those!

3. Regularly change out your air filters. Ideally, you should change out your filters once a month until the construction is completed. That will help prevent dust build-up in your ducts.

4. Get an inspection. A home inspection will identify any important issues with the home that may need to be addressed. Just because you’re buying a brand-new home, that doesn’t mean something wasn’t missed during the construction process. Home inspections can also be good for those who have lived in their homes for years. We’ve met plenty of long-time homeowners who discovered that their home has had an issue for a while after doing an inspection. They just never noticed because they don’t walk their home regularly.

If you have any questions about buying a new construction home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email. We’d love to help you.