When interviewing an agent, remember to ask these four questions.

Selling the biggest investment you have is a big deal, and finding the right Realtor to help you do it should be a top priority for you. When interviewing your real estate professional for the job, there are several questions you should ask in order to determine if they’re the right fit. Here are our top four must-ask questions:

1. “How long have you been in real estate?” The industry has seen an influx of new agents, and you don’t want to leave your biggest investment up to a new agent or one who’s not focusing full-time on selling your house because they split their time with other commitments.

2. “How many sales do you average per year?” You’ll want to know that your agent can handle your home sale and that they have the experience to be able to maximize your outcome.

3. “Do you have a preferred list of service providers or vendors?” This is important because a good agent is going to have a good network of service providers who will work to ensure that your house gets the most money it can.

4. What makes you the most capable person to sell my home?” At this point, the agent’s answer should indicate that their personality meshes well with yours and that they’re able to meet your needs.

If you’d like to interview us for the job of helping sell your home or you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us. And if you’re not in Oklahoma, we’d be happy to connect you to a Realtor in your area who we’ve already vetted for you. Hope to hear from you soon!